Karen Madej
1 min readSep 9, 2021


Scotland has to break away. I moved here to be British and regain membership of the EU from Prague, where I lived for 8 years, because I could. Because we had the freedom of movement. Isn’t that something to value and give our kids the opportunity to do. To learn about other cultures?

I can’t believe so many people are still falling for the lies. How can they not see what the Tory imposed austerity has done to the NHS and the system that is supposed to help the poor and vulnerable.

I do not need to quote facts here about the despicable treatment of the Windrush people. The turning away of immigrants and the chasing away of essential immigrant workers.

All the EU people who came here to do jobs no or few UK people want or can do left or are leaving. Because the government doesn’t want them!

We have no distribution system in the UK because we have no EU delivery drivers picking up the jobs on their way back to the EU.

That said. I picked up everything I needed today at Asda, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Our supermarkets have a lot of local produce they can no longer deliver to the EU so we get it at great prices.

I have every faith Scotland will rejoin the EU because the majority of Scots know we were better off in the EU.

Safety in numbers felt a lot better than alone on an island nobody in the whole world respects anymore.