To protect forests cut down for cattle to graze, coffee plantations to grow, and land grabbers to get richer.

Who’s willing to stop eating beef burgers and drinking beer? I ask because we probably won’t meet the target of limiting global warming to “well below” 2° C without a change of diet and consuming less beef and beer.

It’s even less likely we’ll reach the 1.5° C target because…

As long as we keep feeding the Chinese monster economy, it will keep churning out planet-destroying trash.

Every time we buy something from China, we justify the purchase as cheaper. Cheaper than anything you could buy in your community. Cuter than anything else we’ve ever seen before. Or maybe we have these items in our local shops, but we won’t pay full price for them because it’s…

They learned from their mistakes and used free natural materials to own their home outright.

About 14 years after seeing a cob house and ten years of researching and dreaming up designs for one, a young couple built their own straw bale cob house in Bitterroot Valley, Montana. Yes, it is possible to build this type of house in the United States of America!


Three exciting topics to get your technology writing juices flowing.

Hello dearest readers, this week we have three difficult to ignore topics. I hope you find them as interesting as the writers who penned them, and I do.

Nick Sokol, Ph.D., caught my eye with his claims about a cryptocurrency I’d never heard of, hi Dollar. On reading Why the…

With Halloween and Day of the Dead fast approaching, the living might like to know the options available for the most certain life event.

It’s the time of year when Americans and British people dress up to celebrate the dead with candies or tricks. For Mexicans, Día de Muertos customs include prayers, visiting with family, and sharing stories about those dearly departed. …

I don’t know what I’ll get in advance other than something local, seasonal, and super fresh!

Last week my organic fresh vegetables and apples arrived, and I excitedly checked out the contents. The most eyecatching squash I ever saw needed a Google search to determine its name. Red Kuri squash. …

A thankless task and a waste of time.

People who purposefully drop their drink bottles, drop their junk food out their car windows in the car park next to the fast-food outlet, or worse still onto the grass verges of roads won't stop. The grass verges then get mown in towns and cities, but nobody comes along and…

It depends on how the cotton is treated and how long it lasts.

Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco in 1852. He opened a dry goods store to serve the gold rush dreamers and diggers. He saw hard-working people needed tough clothing. Tailor Jacob Davis and Levi added copper rivets to pockets on heavy denim. …

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