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On November 23rd, MPs in the Commons voted for a Health and Care Bill that aims to empower the health secretary, encourage the middle class to go private, and says nothing about public health, mental health, staffing, money, and social care.

While the Bill hands ministers sweeping powers to intervene…

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In the craziness of March 2020, Dr Mehmet Yildiz invited many of his writer acquaintances to join his new publication. Before the launch of this well-known publication, I wrote and published into the ether. Too green to realize there were publications!

Many of us have come a long way since…

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The majority of Westerners live in urban settings, comfortable, secure, surrounded by neighbors. There’s safety in numbers and economies of scale for local councils to provide water, energy, and refuse collections. Many other services exist in our communities. All we need to do is Google or visit them in person.

So why walk away from a life of instant hot or cold air, light at the touch of a button, flat-screen TVs, and safe to drink running water?

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An international think tank, Global Footprint Network, works to encourage humans to live more sustainably.

The Ecological Footprint, a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we use, how much we have and who uses what. By developing transparent, scientifically robust measures to help decision-makers monitor and protect ecological…

Image Author’s Own. A snapshot from a video of Picasso painting.

Hola amigas and amigos!

A week in Malaga, Spain, drinking cafe con leche, sipping wine, eating tapas, and sightseeing definitely hit the spot.

The two museums my good friend and I visited, Carmen Thyssen and Picasso relit a passion for amazing art!

My reset button activated, I can dive back…

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Bravo, Warren Brown, you are correct! One does not have to be a scientist to write about climate change. Only a passion for informing and backing up your words with studies and credible sources. I should know, I recently earned top writer status in sustainability and climate change tags.


From Lemon/Friend Advice Column/Fiction

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Dear From Lemon Lemonesses,

I wonder if you can help me out with a decision I need to make. Do I GOBOF? Grow old big or fit?

Please bear in mind that I am currently a healthy woman of 62, apart from prescription managed hypertension and allergic reactions to unidentifiable…

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