Foster City offers innovative products and a three-year levee project completing in 2023.

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I love technology, especially when it makes my life easier. I recently treated myself to an amazing water bottle. I was fed up with the Brita jug and having to fork out for new filters every month. More like three weeks with my consumption of the life-giving stuff.

So I shopped around and found LARQ. I’m in no way affiliated with them but I do enjoy filtered water from my sleek black 950ml bottle. I went for the large because I wanted to use it for filling the kettle and washing fresh fruit and veggies.

For the highly educated and…

And a helping hand for technological startups with virtual advice sessions and an in-person social.

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Can you imagine living in a place thirty minutes by bus from the nearest grocery shop? Some Atlanta people are living in what’s known as a food desert. Here’s the story of how Atlanta City gave them land and tools to grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables in what’s known as a food forest.

At the turn of the century, Browns Mills Pecan Farm’s former owners, Willie and Ruby Morgan would leave spare fruit and vegetables on fence posts for their neighbors.

The developers who bought the working farm in 2006 failed thanks to the recession, and the farm…

I’m sad it wasn’t on Medium, but grateful for my friends here.

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I am lucky enough to be an editor for the three ILLUMINATION publications and SYNERGY. This means I can submit and publish both mine and the work of others to ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated and ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR.

I still mostly prefer to post in the original, it feels like home. When I occasionally write something that is curated by Medium I remove it from the main pub and post it in ILLUMINATION-Curated.

I recently apologized to a good friend of mine for asking her to click on a link I sent her via email that would help me earn a little extra…

Formerly known as Gemini Craving.

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In the city of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, one of the ten Cape Verde Islands, I started a blog in 2009.

I finished it about ten months later when I left my boyfriend to enjoy his hedonistic lifestyle with his new girlfriend.

Transforming that blog into a book took many years. I’m sure it still needs further editing. Regardless, I put it up on Amazon and Kofi.

A popular sport for politicians these days.

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The first black state attorney in Florida’s history, Aramis Donell Ayala, announced in May 2019 that she would not be running for a second term as state attorney. She cited conflicts of interest between her office never seeking the death penalty and Florida Supreme Court ruling that Governor Scott had acted “well within the bounds of the Governor’s broad authority.”

State Attorney Ayala removed from 29 death penalty cases

Governor Scott removed the Orange-Osceola County State Attorney from 29 death-penalty cases and reassigned them to a well-known death-penalty supporter, Lake County State Attorney Brad King, in August 2017.

In response to the ruling by Florida Supreme Court, Ayala stated…

Mercenaries, heroes, even gods star in this quick review.

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This piece of fiction by J.B. Miller appealed to me because I watched Ragnarok season 2 last week, and I adore all the movies with Chris Hemsworth. What’s not to enjoy about gorgeous men swinging hammers? Loki doesn’t have quite the same view of Thor, though.

Over the millennia, many have worshipped, feared, loved and loathed him. Some more than others.
No one other than Loki himself… herself… hell, I have known Loki for nigh on seven thousand years, and the bastard still confuses me.

Sakari Lacross regales us with a tale of mercenaries. She does a smashing job of…

Hawaii’s unique location, climate, and clean air collaborate to form the best atmosphere for rainbows on the planet

Citation: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 102, 2; 10.1175/BAMS-D-20–0101.1

A study called The Secrets of the Best Rainbows on Earth by Steven Businger, professor in the UH Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology advocates Hawaii is the rainbow capital of the world.

Businger even developed an app, called RainbowChase that alerts you to the optimum conditions for a rainbow to appear in O‘ahu in the Hawaiian Islands.

Aloha. Welcome. Love. Kindness.

So many more nouns are mentioned when people try to explain the meaning of aloha.

The Old Kahunas believed that positive thoughts and deeds, no matter how small, never vanished. These small acts of kindness, from holding a door…

What piqued my interest last week might appeal to you too.

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To save your time, I’d like to guide your attention to some superb ILLUMINATION’S Mirror stories I read today.

Do you engage often? To engage as much as possible, almost every occasion I step away from my writing desk, I read an article. I won’t tell you what I’m doing at those times, you can use your imagination for that, suffice to say, I could be propped up in bed or relaxing in the bath or something else!

This first story caused me many laughs. …

We all have it but whether we put it to good use is another matter.

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So far this year I’ve learned I should write about a problem, the pain it caused, and provide a solution. Some writing gurus tell us we should write at least 500 words or 1, 2, or 3 articles, poems, stories every day. Then we should market on every available social media platform. Oh and don’t forget to engage with people who read and comment on your work. And you then have to go off and read as much of other people’s work as you can and read and engage with them.

My problem, I’ll share it with you now, time

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