Formerly known as Gemini Craving.

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Make it easier on yourself and start saving for it in your twenties.

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Only if luck is your friend, will your reckless financial decisions pay off.

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The next day, you have 5K followers and 400 reads instead of 106K.

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Making the most of a situation

It’s time to do something different to kick start my writing career.

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How hard can it be to keep ten chickens in a shed?

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Two Little Girls Chapter 16

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Reflections and passions may one day come to pass.

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Self Help

But why wait up to two weeks or never for an elite publication when you can join ILLUMINATION’S Integrated Publications (IIP) and get published in under 24 hours?

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Karen Madej

Inspirer of self-improvement. Observer of all life forms. Finder of solutions. Mum of a millennial son. Single freelancer.

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