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Is it possible to get famous because you have an unusual name? Other than her striking name, I wondered if it were her real surname or a pen name. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Kristina’s Writing Karma means weaving together communities of writers and readers. She embraced a more relational approach to her writing and reading habits. One I am eager to replicate.

As I write this, I am following the breadcrumb trail which Kristina God lays with intention, not scattered, for her new readers and existing fans to follow. Her story shares the stories of other writers. Carlos Garbiras wrote…

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Congratulations on getting this far. There was a blip when you thought you’d be better off out of the hell that is commonly known as life. You were thirty-two and you had seen it all, done it all, and thought that was all there was to living.

As luck would have it you managed to miss any major arteries and your boyfriend fished you out of the bath. This meant you could shred the goodbye letters you’d written to the handful of people you loved.

Well done for turning your life around in the twenty years since that joyous failure.

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More importantly, dear reader, who are you? What are your dreams? And how are you going to get there?

You might be diving right in, thinking all these top writers are making big bucks; I can do that. Maybe you can. But a few weeks in, your enthusiasm wanes. You stop writing every day. What’s the point when nobody reads your heartfelt words?

Your dream dies, and you move on to the ultimate scheme that’s going to make you rich. My story includes selling Avon door to door as a teenager. That cost me more than I made because I…

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September 2021

Coca-Cola, Aluminium, and Plant-Based Bottles

Local and Inclusive to Worldwide and Exclusive in Climate Change

Banks Trusted Wealthy Whites, So They Got Trees in San Francisco, Climate Change, and Equality

The Great British Sell-off in Business

August 2021

Earthships Made from Old Tires and Tin Cans in Design and Climate Change

How Does Your Garden Grow? in Food, Outdoors, and Climate Change

Universal Credit Beggars Belief in Basic Income and Equality

Delta Ray Death Star in Fiction

The Grand Finale in Fiction

Imagine Mad Men Scenes in Feminism and Equality

Piney Point Toxic Leak in Climate Change

Hawaii’s Natural Elements Abound in…

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In the city of Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente, one of the ten Cape Verde Islands, I started a blog in 2009.

I finished it about ten months later when I left my boyfriend to enjoy his hedonistic lifestyle with his new girlfriend.

Transforming that blog into a book took many years. I’m sure it still needs further editing. Regardless, I put it up on Amazon and Kofi.

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This installment, in a nutshell, is about wheeling, dealing, and no reduced hours.

Zen Chan shares some worrying news about WhatsApp’s Privacy Practices. Like Facebook, it harvests personal data. I don’t see any evidence of this while using WhatsApp, but it’s not hard to imagine my details sold to parties who’d like to sell me something! They’d be out of luck because I don’t buy much, lol!

As a security professional, it’s hard to encourage WhatsApp users to quit. WhatsApp originally has done more to generalize secure messaging than anyone else. But it was also acquired by the world’s most…

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My fiction favorites in this review of three ILLUMINATION-Curated stories. All three touched my heart in their own way. Three experienced writers to discover if you haven’t already.

Lori Lamothe’s A Good Woman Is Hard to Hide gripped me from the title. Then the glorious image and the opening paragraph all aligned to hook me and hold me. Her gentle yet engrossing writing style tempted me all the way to the final line. Then I found out there was another part to the story!

Something was wrong with the orchard and Lucy Coffin had a good idea why. When spring…

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Our streets, beauty spots, and beaches suffer from littering. Whether the litter is dropped deliberately from a car window in a car park or stuffed in an inadequate bin for the gulls to peck and drag out remains unimportant when the source of the packaging is not held accountable.

All food and beverage sellers who do not use packaging that will decompose naturally with no impact on the environment regardless of where it ends up must take responsibility for their carbon footprint.

We don’t want beverage containers in our oceans or landfill, we want them to be recycled. We need…

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For most of my life, I haven’t thought about what fuel I put in my body. Sugar-laden and vitamin-fortified cereals with milk as a child. Full English breakfasts as a hangover cure as an adult. These days porridge oats, hazelnut milk, grapes, and a sliced banana break my fast. For extra crunch, I add chia and pumpkin seeds.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Milk from cows no longer features in my diet because I feel queasy whenever I think of the permitted level of pus from oozing udders. It’s still debated whether cow’s milk does have…

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Dawn Butler was removed from Parliament chambers for 24 hours because she called Boris Johnson a liar and refused to retract her accusation. She could also have avoided her removal if she’d reflected on her words and withdrawn them as warned by the temporary deputy speaker, Ms. Cummins.

‘It’s funny that we get in trouble in this place for calling out the lie rather than the person lying.’ Dawn Butler Labour MP

Gone are the days of integrity when gentlemen would rather die than be accused of dishonesty. …

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